Large Stone Ring Mountings

Large Stone Ring Mountings

When people pick out their engagement rings sometimes they like to add extra accessories such as diamonds to make the ring look even More »

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding More »

Wedding and Men

Wedding and Men

As the fates would have it, I agreed and gave our wedding my full attention and partook in all aspects of planning our wedding. Ironically More »

Matching the Wedding Favors to Your Wedding Theme and Colors

Matching the Wedding Favors to Your Wedding Theme and Colors

Just like other details that should match to your wedding theme and colors, wedding favors should be matching, too. You cannot have beach themed wedding favors if you plan to have a winter themed wedding, or choose yellow favors More »

Anniversary Cakes That Will Suit Each Anniversary Year Celebrations!

Anniversary Cakes That Will Suit Each Anniversary Year Celebrations!

Wedding anniversary is one of the most essential days in the life of both the partners husband as well as wife. It is the day where two people decided to come together and tied themselves in the vows of being together and loving More »


Large Stone Ring Mountings

bridlingtondirect.info1When people pick out their engagement rings sometimes they like to add extra accessories such as diamonds to make the ring look even better. It is not uncommon for an individual to buy and engagement or wedding ring and later adds more diamonds or stones to the original ring. For those who want to add additional stones to their rings they may have to utilize what is called a ring mount. The design is perfect for holding additional stones. Generally the main part has a circular shape which has prongs that are designed to hold the stone addition.

One of the popular things for engagement rings now is colored stones. Many ladies choose a colored stone for their main stone or they may use colored stones around a diamond setting. Large ring mountings are great for rings such as this because a lot of the time individuals custom design these rings to fit their individual needs and taste. Users can use large ring mountings to attach their main colored stone to a ring or they can use large ring mounting to attach additional colored or plain stones around the center gem. When using a professional jeweler they will always make sure that each part matches and compliments each other. So if an individual wants to add a large stone ring mounting to add other gems they will always make sure that the pats all match and flow. People will not be able to tell from a simple glance that anything additional was added to the ring.

Large stone ting mountings are great for any size gems because they can be modified to work for any style or cut ring from an engagement ring to a fashion or special occasion ring. Buyers have control over the process and the rings can be modified to fit any size finger. Designs and other unique features can also be added with large stone ring mountings. For instance if an individual wants to take a simple ring and add a crown or a tigers eye to the ring, this can easily be done by mounting the design onto the ring. Large stone ring mountings are a great way for individuals to showcase their style as well as the superior craftsmanship of their ring.

Large stone ring mountings have become very popular because they help to give people additional choices when looking for the perfect ring. Individuals can start out with a simple ring or design and make it into their dream ring by adding a few additional accessories. Many of the celebrities and other elite that are photographed with huge rings have utilized large ring mountings to take a nice ring to a beautiful, unique and attention getter ring. Many people may not have their budget but it is still possible to come up with innovative and beautiful rings at a reasonable price. Most jewelers have examples that they can show to people to give them an idea of what the time of quality they can expect.

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

bridlingtondirect.info2Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful and unique. From simple Key West wedding on the beach to tropical key west wedding at sunset with all the bells and whistle, Tropical wedding Key West planner will do it for you. So let Tropical Wedding Key West plan your next event in style. Their team of experts takes advantage of the weather, location and everything possible to make your event the perfect one. No other event planner will address all your concerns like Tropical Wedding Key West. Your satisfaction is their number one goal. Let them plan your beautiful dream beach wedding or tropical event. If you can dream it, they can make it come true.

They have the best wedding planners, wedding are one of life’s greatest milestones and have been for centuries. Get Key West wedding planner ideas and use their Wedding Planning Checklist to help with all of your Key West Wedding Planning needs. Start Planning a Wedding in Tropical wedding Key West today! Tropical wedding Key West on the Beach are so Romantic, Elegant and Tropical. Weddings in Florida Keys are just beautiful! Their approach is to be personable and energetic, as well as unobtrusive. They are devoted to giving you and your guest the most beautiful, romantic and affordable experience of a lifetime. Planner’s listen to you and make it happen in the most realistic terms, if something that can’t be done; they can help turn your idea into a better one that can actually work. They will give you peace of mind, they make sure you enjoy your wedding moment and be a relaxed guest at your wedding and not a stressed-out problem solver. They really do understand your vision for your wedding and they’ll make sure your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

Key west Planner make sure that lot of attention is given to you and to your big day, be it large or small wedding everyone gets the VIP treatment, they know family truly cares about your wedding and they will do everything they can do to make it everything you envisioned and more! They will create you dream day just ask and they will make it happen.
Key west wedding Package – a wedding cake, bamboo or classic round arch, flower decoration, hair and make-up for Bride to be, chair, bamboo torches, live music, limo transportation, romantic dinner with private chef, wedding flowers for the bride, wedding photography, and much more. They will make the most important day of your life unforgettable. There is also a complimentary tost for newlyweds, one hour of photographer (includes upto 50 pic ) and Simple Arch (includes fabric decoration, choice of colors).

They offer effortless planning for every aspect of your wedding day and affordable key west wedding package, Relax, enjoy your big day and leave the rest to them, so be dazzled not frazzled.

They will make sure your life together as husband and wife has a fairly tale beginning!

Wedding and Men

bridlingtondirect.info4As the fates would have it, I agreed and gave our wedding my full attention and partook in all aspects of planning our wedding.  Ironically meeting with all the different vendors and even wedding officiants was anything but boring.

Being a person I had continually fanciful that if and after I got engaged to be married i might have very little to fret concerning within the means of wedding plans and things of that nature. maybe i used to be being a trifle flag-waving in my assumption that brides took care of and self-addressed all plans and issues close the marriage. in reality all I ever wished at my wedding was Associate in Nursing open bar and a few sensible rock n roll.  I cared little concerning something on the far side those 2 prerequisites.

Well my fantasies of the proper “man gathering” as my spouse calls it wherever shattered post haste as plans for the marriage took off at a hasty pace and that i was sweptback up within the bedlam that’s coming up with for such a happening.  My then fiancée expressed nice interest in having Pine Tree State participate in conjunction with her within the coming up with of our day of joy.  She didn’t expect Pine Tree State to choose a DJ, band, and whole of liquor to serve then quietly sit back and watch her nail down the remainder the plans.  She sent with nice feeling that she had hoped that i might be together with her to fulfill with florists, DJ’s, photographers, etc.  As a person I had no opposition to the present but I wished to avoid this sort of issue for concern of being stricken with tedium.

As the fates would have it, I united and gave our wedding my full attention and partook all told aspects of designing our wedding.  Ironically meeting with all the various vendors and even wedding officiants was something however boring.  These folks treat weddings as if they’re making fine, invaluable items of art and that i was diverted at simply however serious they took every and each wedding they provided services to.  This helped to create the expertise rather more pleasant than I had visualised it to be.

There was one activity that was less than thrilling for both my wife and me and that was looking at Mens Wedding bands and trying to find one that I would actually consider wearing.  Prior to getting engaged I had never given much thought to men’s jewelry and though I had accepted the fact that I would be wearing some sort of wedding band, I had strong reservations about wearing any rings I considered to be effeminate.  The search for a suitable wedding band was long and arduous and the tension that mounted with each visit to a jeweler was palpable.

Eventually after what we agreed to be an exhaustive and tumultuous search we began looking online for Mens Wedding bands and we were both surprised at what we found.  Men’s rings made from platinum, titanium and tungsten where littered all over each website.  It appeared to us that these sites were really pushing these types of rings and after reading multiple reviews on such topics we found out why.  Luckily for me I turned out to be but one of many men who despised the traditional gold, silver, and diamond men’s rings.  Not only do many men feel those rings are a misrepresentation of their masculinityScience Articles, but they also feel these rings lack any style.  When our online expedition for the perfect ring concluded I ended up with a multicolored Tungsten ring with fancy inlets.  It is both reflective of my inner man and oozes class and style.

Once our quest for a ring was finished we wrapped up a few small loose ends and then waited out the remaining six month between that and our wedding on the couch watching our favorite movies and television shows.  Any men who are close to proposing or accepting a proposal should prepare themselves for a long but enjoyable planning process.  Don’t be afraid to take part in the planning of your wedding.  It can only serve to make the event great.


Points To Remember To Plan Your Wedding

Arranging your wedding ought to be something pleasant and energizing. Be that as it may, numerous couples discover this “employment” extremely upsetting in light of the fact that there are an excessive number of things to deal with. This is genuine that you should continue scanning on web and magazines for various thoughts and data about your wedding.

For some different couples, they simply don’t know how to begin their wedding arrangement. They think that its difficult to begin since they don’t comprehend what to do. The followings are the five issues you have to consider when you begin your wedding arranging.

1 The budget

You can do nothing without cash. The principal thing you have to consider is the financial backing. Firstly you should settle on the amount you will spend for your wedding. At that point you ought to begin to assign the financial backing to various things of wedding, for example, the venue, the providing food administration, wedding photography, favors, and welcome.

2 The scale

The second thing you can consider is the scale and many-sided quality of your wedding. Truth be told, you ought to have a harsh thought regarding it after you set your financial plan. A wedding with a bigger scale will most presumably mean a higher spending plan.

You may likewise need to take the advices of your folks. They may need a greater wedding while you may not. For this situation you have to examine with your accomplice and folks so that a common assention about the size of the wedding. At that point you may presumably need to audit the monetary allowance you have set. On the off chance that the monetary allowance ends up being too high for you, you will positively need to talk about the entire matter again with your folks.

3 Wedding theme

After you settle the monetary allowance and size of the wedding, you can begin hunting down your wedding topic. There are a great deal of wedding topic you can pick, a shoreline wedding and a winter wedding for instance. You can hunt on the web down various wedding topics and talk about it with your accomplice which will be the most reasonable one for you.

4 Wedding date

Some may feel that they ought to choose the wedding date at the absolute starting point. It is not absolutely genuine for sure. You may have an unpleasant thought regarding your big day yet you can’t generally settle it until you settle on your choice on your topic.

On the off chance that you are going for a shoreline wedding, you will in all probability have your wedding in summer. Despite what might be expected, you won’t have your wedding in summer on the off chance that you are wanting to have a winter wedding. Also, this is the motivation behind why you ought to have your wedding subject before settling the big day.

5 Wedding venue

After you have experienced the initial four stages, you can begin to pick your wedding venue. There is probably the wedding venue will be identified with your wedding topic. You will attempt to discover a shoreline on the off chance that you are anticipating a shoreline wedding. Looking and booking the venue as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances is extremely fundamental. In the event that somebody book that day for the wedding as your big day, you should either discover another wedding day or consider another wedding venue.

The above are just issues you have to consider when you start your wedding arranging. There are still more points of interest to be consider, for example, wedding welcome, wedding support and wedding photography. In any case, they ought not be something troublesome in the event that you begin your wedding arrange well.

Matching the Wedding Favors to Your Wedding Theme and Colors

Just like other details that should match to your wedding theme and colors, wedding favors should be matching, too. You cannot have beach themed wedding favors if you plan to have a winter themed wedding, or choose yellow favors if your wedding colors are pink and blue. Some consideration should be keep in mind, like the type, size, shape and color of the wedding favors before making a final decision of including them to your wedding. Including your personality is a must, too. So to help, here are some tips and ideas on how to choose matching favors that will justify the theme and colors of your wedding.

Choose wedding favors that are color coordinate. One of the most important things that you should consider when choosing a favor is to ensure that you are selecting color-matching favor or at least one that compliments the colors of your wedding. Today, you can find a wide variety of favors that are wrapped with tulle, papers or cellophane. These wrappers come in various colors and designs, and can easily incorporate to a themed wedding. For instance, if you opt for candle wedding favors, you can simply purchase assorted candles in colors you want, or wrapped with complementing wrapper. Including matching favors can help you pull the look that you want for your big day.

Choose wedding favors that feature or mimic your wedding theme. Another thing you need to consider is the theme of your wedding. Set a theme and stick with it by incorporating matching items, such as themed wedding favors. Choose themed favors that complement the theme you want for your wedding. For example, if a garden themed wedding is what you really want, small potted plants can make perfect wedding souvenirs for your guests. Or, if you opt for a beach wedding, you may consider seashells-like favors, beach flip flops, beach towels or beach themed candles as your party favors. Whatever is the theme of your wedding, there’s always a wedding favor that would fit to it well.

Keep the wedding favors simple. Wedding favors doesn’t have to be too elaborated. Keep your favor as simple as possible. Trying to make it too elaborated will only cost you a fortune, plus you cannot be sure enough that they will be appreciated by your guests. The more your favors are simple, and safer. Simple, inexpensive favors such as Jordan almonds in favor boxes or bags, homemade jarred jams, personalized candles, soaps, and the likes are a few simple souvenirs that often impress wedding guests! These practical favors are widely available online, which you can purchase in bulk at a discounted price. There are so many great deals you can find by just browsing the Internet. Choosing ideal supplies that will complement your wedding theme and colors can be a bit challenging, but certainly possible. Be creative and let your imagination play its role so that you can easily plan a wedding that you’ve been dreaming of.


Anniversary Cakes That Will Suit Each Anniversary Year Celebrations!

Wedding anniversary is one of the most essential days in the life of both the partners husband as well as wife. It is the day where two people decided to come together and tied themselves in the vows of being together and loving each other till eternity. A relationship of a husband and wife goes through many trials, turmoil and test. Wedding anniversary is the day which comes every year. Thus, it calls for a grand celebration to make your partners feel super special on this big day. Whether the anniversary celebration is 1st, 25th or 50th, without anniversary cakes the celebration is not possible!

Anniversary celebration is re cherishing sweet memories of the entire year spent by husband and wife together. Basically, it is a day of celebrating togetherness. To make the occasion more special and sweeter an anniversary cakes is a must. However, in this article, I will give you some always going to work anniversary cake ideas with which you can woo your husband, wife, fianc, girlfriend or any other important person of your life:

Chocolate Cake
Ummm.. You can never fail with a sinful chocolate cake. If your partner is a serious chocolate lover than without any second thoughts you should settle in for chocolate cake to surprise him or her. There are wide ranges on chocolate cake available online. There are regular to some outstanding chocolate flavor cakes. If the celebration is an personal affair then you can go in for chocolate cake which has lot of nuts and choco chips in it. Furthermore, if the celebration is grand you can choose in two to three tier chocolate cakes with beautiful decoration of chocolate flowers and chocolates plaques. Chocolate anniversary cakes will make your occasion more sweeter!

Two or Three or Four Tier Cake
This one spells out pure luxury! Tier cakes are more apt when you have invited more than fifty guests and the celebration is really going to be grand. Anniversary tier cakes are more suitable when you are celebrating milestone anniversary like first anniversary, silver jubilee or golden jubilee. You can have your favorite flavor cake and have a huge chocolate plaque number like 25th or 50th placed on a top most tier of the cake. It will grab all the eye balls of the guests present in the party. The decoration on the cake can also be of your choice. As tier cakes are more classier you can have elegant decoration of ribbons, pearls and diamonds or an exotic fresh fruits decoration. It will definitely be the talk of the town.

Theme Cakes or 3D Cakes
This is another anniversary cake idea which is growing large in popularity. Theme cakes or 3D cakes enable you to personalize your cake. For instance, if you want to make a bride and groom cake. Then you can give your wedding day picture and make the cake altered in that exactly same get up and same dress. It will be like a masterpiece cake which is to be beautified in the center table of your anniversary day celebration.

Thus, these are some anniversary cake ideas which will speak more than words. Anniversary is truly a special occasion and you can only mark it memorable with an outstanding anniversary cakes!

Fun Destination Wedding Invitations Kits – Message In A Bottle Kits – Wow Them All

So, you’re planning a destination wedding, how incredibly romantic. A destination wedding is certainly up there with the most creative and memorable ways to tie the knot. Picture it: waves crashing against the shore; bouquets of beautiful, exotic flowers; all of your friends and family gathered on a gorgeous beach to celebrate your special day. Destination weddings, however large or small, are definitely chock full of charm.
Why not add to that charm with Message in a bottle kit ? Message in a Bottle and destination weddings complement each other perfectly, like a bride and groom. Imagine standing on that warm, breezy shore, the sun shining warming your skin as you prepare to recite the most sacred of vows. Then, suddenly noticing a mysterious bottle nearly buried in the sand next to you, bending down to get a closer look after the ceremony, opening it to find a personalized love note from your husband or wife. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Trust me, the tears will flow.

There are so many ways to include Message in a bottle kit in your destination wedding, it’s almost unbelievable. Using them as creative wedding invitations tips your guests off to the tropical locale, and it’s a great way to get your guests super excited for the trip. You can also use customized Messages in a Bottle as a special greeting once your guests arrive; order a batch for the destination wedding and ask someone at the hotel to slip these little treasures into your guests’ rooms. Put them on a pillow next to a piece of chocolate, and you’re guaranteed to get lots of extra hugs the next day.
What about using Messages in a Bottle during the ceremony itself? If you’re planning to write your own vows, have them tucked inside a Message in a bottle kit and open them to read during the during the ceremony. It’ll add a great piece of flair to the destination wedding. Just make sure that you practice this at the rehearsal — you wouldn’t want to get stuck trying to open a bottle for hours, would you? Well, maybe. It’d be something hilarious to talk about later.
And let’s not forget your destination wedding’s reception! Messages in a Bottle are so fantastic at receptions, you can use one in almost every area of the party. Take place cards, for instance. Spice up the typical, boring cards with a Message in a bottle kit personalized for every guest! Slip a special message in there to remind them that even though your destination wedding has you running in every direction, talking to everyone, that you value their love and support more than anything. Or what about creating a centerpiece out of Messages in a Bottle? Inside each of the bottles, write an interesting piece of information about the people sitting at the table. Then, when the guests sit down and realize they don’t know everyone they’re sitting with, they can open the bottles and learn a little something about them — maybe even about themselves! How’s that for an ice-breaker?

Don’t underestimate the power of Messages in a Bottle as thank-you notes, either. After your destination wedding has come to end, and the gifts have all been opened, sending your guests a thank-you Message in a bottle kit will not only let them know that you’re thinking about them, it’ll remind them of the wonderful time they had at your destination wedding. And maybe they’ll even send you a Message in a bottle kit in return!
There’s no replacing Messages in a Bottle for destination weddings. Use them everywhere, in everything, with everyone. Then just wait — you’ll be sure to get lots of “Awww”‘s and “Where did you find these wonderful bottles?” And what’s the point of a destination wedding if you can’t be the envy of everyone for just a few hours?

order an original message in a bottle kit from the original message in a bottle shop – special wedding invitation kits

Groomsmen And Ushers Duties Defined

Who’s a groomsman? To begin with, a groomsman is someone whose is close and important to the groom; it is someone the groom wants to be a visible part of his wedding. This title is often conferred to people with a close relationship to the groom such as a brother, father, cousin or a close friend.

In our modern society the title can even be given to a woman this is due to the growing trend where men are asking women to be their attendants in which case the title used is “honor attendants” rather than “groomsman” and they wear a dress rather than a tuxedo.

Groomsmen obligations

Groomsmen do more than just stand around and look pretty. They serves as adviser to the groom beforehand, helps the groom get organized, aids with any wedding planning details they can, and helps seat guests at the wedding.

While a groom will want to have his best buddies and the men in his life that means the most to him, he should also make sure that he has a group that is responsible enough to handle their duties, or at least one person willing to pick up the slack for the others.

A groomsman does the following:

* Supports the groom, advises him, listens to any pre-wedding nervousness.

* Assists the groom in picking out what the groomsmen are going to wear.

* Either gets measured at the formal wear shop or promptly sends his measurements to them, and offers to pick up and return the suits.

* Goes to all pre-wedding events, including engagement parties, any coed showers, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner.

* Helps to plan and pay for the bachelor party.

* With the bridesmaids, helps decorate the getaway car.

* Gives a wedding present, and often an engagement present.

* Helps the groom relax and get dressed on the day of the wedding.

* Unless the groom has separate ushers and groomsmen, shows guests to their seats at the ceremony.

* The best man frequently holds the ring during the ceremony.

* Dances with bridesmaids and single female guests at the wedding.

* Helps carry away gifts and personal items after the wedding.

There is a significant expense involved in being a groomsman, including cost of apparel, travel, and hotel room for the ceremony, hosting a bachelor party, as well as the gifts. A groomsman should have these expenses in mind when he accepts the honor and be up front with the groom about what he is and isn’t able to afford. Once he has agreed to be a groomsman, however, he shouldn’t complain about the cost. Possible ways a groomsman can save money include:

* Wearing a suit he already owns

* Renting tux

* Staying with friends rather than in a hotel room

* Throwing a casual bachelor party (perhaps a barbecue at a local park?)

* And asking other groomsmen to band together to give a joint present.

In order to honor all of their close friends, a couple may decide to have separate groomsmen and ushers.

Villa Weddings in Mexico

Mexico, bordered on the north by America; on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; on the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea. On its east is the Gulf of Mexico, and hence this is one of the most sought after wedding destinations today for couples.

These are both for the young and old who want to make their wedding ceremony a memorable affair for life. The splendorous villas and condos of Mexico make a perfect location for wedding not just for the bride and the groom but in also one of the best locations for wedding photography shoot in this world. There are many destination wedding packages that include these villas where one could have their wedding ceremony which is often sold by many wedding planners and organizers at great deals that are worth a grab!

Cancun wedding packages have some of the most beautiful Mexican villas with great architectural splendor. The exotic beaches of Cancun have a series of beautiful villas which are let out on rent for weddings. The location is great not just for weddings but can be an excellent honeymoon destination to. The villas around Puerto Morelos or Paya Del Secreto in Mexico have some of the best Mexican villas which can make a great destination not just for your wedding, but also for the wedding photography sessions. These villas have scores of amenities and activities like gym, golf, horse riding, swimming etc. that can keep the guests busy!

The beachfront and ocean view villas are best. They almost give you the wedding venue you must have been dreaming of. Ask your Mexico destination wedding photographer to take your wedding photographs using the villas as backdrops for the shots. They have certain grandeur about them. Mexico wedding photographer also use black and white photography in their wedding photographs using these villas, some of which can range back to the 16th or 17th century which gives really beautiful photographs almost like royalty. Choose your villa according to your budget. If you have a low budget you could even opt for condos. Get the best deal with your wedding packages. Rent a Beachfront Villa in Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. They are the best. The Can San Lucas villas are also very famous wedding destinations. If the beach does not fascinate you, you can even choose mountain villas in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas has some of the best mountain villas ideal for Mexico destination weddings and are a favorite amongst Mexico destination wedding photographers. Some of the awards winning wedding photographers are the ones who have shot wedding photographs using these beautiful Mexican villas and beaches as a backdrop. So, you would surely want your wedding photographs to turn out beautiful and memorable. Go ahead and ask your wedding planner to put forth options and estimates for wedding packages in Mexico. Ask your wedding planner to do a research on the various villa weddings packages available in Mexico and then choose your best from the options available.

There are various Royal Villas available for rental too. You can even check out the villas in Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Akumal, and villas in Puerto Vallarta. They make excellent destinations for villa weddings in Mexico, available at attractive wedding packages, and are a treat for Mexican destination wedding photographers. Find a beautiful Mexican villa for yourself if you are planning a Mexican destination wedding and make your D-day a memorable event for life.


The Various Wedding Services Available To You

Weddings are a complex affair. At one moment, you can be in total control, while the next could be a total disaster. The wedding ceremony is not all there is to a wedding. For those who have married before, will know what this is all about. A wedding is considered to be a collection of different activities, organized to perform in a continuous motion, and each activity succeeds the other. Hence, you can imagine the mayhem that will be created if something is disturbed in the chain of actions.

To be aware of the entire planning process, you need to know about the different wedding services that you can utilize to make your wedding day perfect. Even if you are planning on hiring a professional wedding planner, you will still need to understand the basics of working with different wedding services, so that you can be prepared to take over in case something goes wrong.

Wedding Location & Wedding/Reception Planners

These wedding services are perhaps the most important in the chain of wedding planning process. As soon as you decide your wedding date, you need to pick up a wedding location, since; the rest of the wedding aspects depend on the availability of services in that particular wedding location of your choice.

Wedding location services can help you decide the venue and place where you would like to get married in. You can either choose a destination wedding in hot international wedding spots like the Caribbean, Istanbul, Mexico, European destinations, or you can choose one within the US, like Las Vegas. But of course, all this depends on your budget and the number of people attending your wedding.

Accommodation & Transportation Services

Accommodation and transportation should be pre-arranged and pre-booked at the very earliest. This will be to accommodate your guests and transport them from different points of interest, such as the hotel where they will be staying in, the wedding location or chapel where you will be getting married, and the hall where the reception will be held along with the wedding feast.

Bakery, Cake & Catering Services

This is another aspect of a wedding. You need to pick up a catering service near your wedding location, preferably, in the same town or city that you are getting married in. Pastries, wedding cakes, drinks and food menu are to be selected with your guests in mind.

Photographers & Videographer Services

You might want to capture those amazing moments and the expression on the faces of your loved ones while you get married to your special person. It is not important to find a local wedding photographer or a videographer. You can take along one of your favorite photographer or videographer, with whom you will be more comfortable with, along with your family and guests and provide them accommodation with your guests.


Choosing a florist should be done carefully, since, having a destination wedding or out of the country wedding will give rise to several logistic challenges, not to mention retaining the freshness of the flowers and decoration time required. It is best to choose a local florist.

Entertainment Services

Once again, you can hire an entertainment service that you are comfortable with and take them along. More often than not, entertainment services perform and travel as a group, and will have a pre-described fee for travelling to a different wedding destination, which makes it easier to just concentrate on taking care of your near and dear. Or you can completely skip hiring an entertainer, and ask a few of your talented friends to pitch in. It will be fun!

Rings & Jewelry

Diamond wedding rings are hugely popular, so are golden ornaments and jewelry made of different exotic materials like platinum. Choosing a ring or jewelry store or service is not going to be difficult, since, there are numerous vendors that provide very competitive pricing for the most beautiful jewelry. You can shop around to your liking.

Officiant Or Ministry Services

You require the services of an officiant or a minister to get you married to your partner. You can choose a local minister or a priest from the local church from where you are getting married. You would need to double check the laws of the state or the country in advanceArticle Submission, and get detailed information on the availability of these ministry services.

Pc Bhurban Murree Five Star Luxury In Middle Of The Forest

Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban, Murree, the Five Star luxury hotel in the middle of the forest is renowned for its outstanding facilities and services. It is praised as a best resort in the region and is only an hour drive from Islamabad, the Capital city of Pakistan. The facilities and services offered compete with the international standards and provide not only a comfortable but also a memorable stay for its guests.

Hotel offers 190 well furnished rooms featuring private terrace, stylish bathrooms, direct dialing telephones, voice mail messages on telephone, mini bar, internet access, television with satellite channels, in house movie channel and safety alarms. These rooms also include one Royal Suite, one Presidential suite which consists of a Master bed, with attached bath, spacious living room with dining room and a kitchen. The hotel also consists of two Deluxe Suites, five Executive Suites and six Duplex Suites, but are smaller in size with one bedroom and a lounge area. The rooms are equipped with lacquer furniture, new carpets, spacious cupboards and latest decorations which gives a very classy and modern look. View of the surroundings from rooms terrace is simply breath taking. Also provides 24 hours room service which is very efficient and cooperative.

They are providing their customers every facility that they could possibly desire which includes Airport Pick & Drop, Currency Exchange, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool, Childrens Swimming Pool, Library, Car Rental, Car Park, Drivers Accommodation, Bakery, Shopping Arcade, Elevators, Coffee Shop/Caf, Internet Caf and Poolside Bar. They have excellent restaurants where one can order everything from local Pakistani food to international cuisines. With experienced trainers, a variety of fitness classes which includes yoga and aerobics are offered to tone our bodies and calming our minds. Also the Fitness Club/Gym, Barber/Beauty Salon, Steam room/Spa and various massage facilities are available to pamper their guests. Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban is the only resort in the country having a helipad, with landing and parking facility for up to 20 seat helicopter.

Whether it is an International conference, a board meeting or a high profile companys lunch /dinner, Pearl Continental Hotel offers exclusive venues. The meeting rooms and halls are well equipped with latest conference technology and audio- visual equipments, efficient communication services, motorized projection screens, separate sound system for each section, large conference tables and well designed chairs. For pre and post wedding events, lush green pool lawns and grand indoor banquet halls are provided. Also this place is used for organizing other major events like fashion shows and musical concerts.

Recreational facilities include childrens playground, night club, kite flying, horse riding, cycling, badminton, table tennis and tennis. Gaming tournaments are also arranged for guests entertainment. Hotel also offers excellent golf packages for individuals as well as for groups. They have a bowling allay and snooker tables where light snacks are also served.

The reservations can be made on phone or online. The rates per night vary from Rs.24000 to Rs.30000 (400-500USD) depending upon the room type. All major cards are accepted which includes American Express, Bank Card, Diners Club, Master Card and Visa.

Pearl Continental Hotel is a world class hotel with International standards, quality and comfort. The experience is fabulous and leaves you with everlasting memories.

Buy Online Dupatta For Both Traditional And Modern Designs!

Women dupatta is not only symbol of pride and culture but also have unique fashion and style statement associated with them. Best varieties and types of dupatta are available online. Yes, now with advent of online shopping many women are buying online dupatta depending on their taste and style quotient.

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Dupatta is everywhere , women of all age groups both young and old are wearing them for centuries. Whether poor ladies or rich all of them have access to dupatta. Some use to look stylish by wearing it proactively and while others use to cover their head during prayers.

There are few online dupatta that are highly embellished with studs and stones and are worn on special occasions like religious festivals, prayers, wedding and anniversary. In the Punjabi culture bride wears a heavily embellished salwar suits that is complemented with equally decorated and adorned dupatta to cover her head and make a unique impression and style statement.

Online dupatta that are available on our site are made up of assorted materials or fabrics like natural, and manmade. You can buy dupatta ranging from fine cotton, muslins, chiffons and silk. All these types of dupatta are adorned with work done by the artisans using threads like gold and silver, beads, sequins and shells to make it beautiful and appealing to wear.

Various states of India has different popular designs. The Bandini print and tie and dye work of Rajasthan is immensely popular dupatta that are available online. Other popular forms of dupatta is Phulkari dupatta which as the name suggests has different types of floral print in bright shades designed by women of Punjab.

With time online fashionable dupatta have come out as piece of apparel which is now worn with every dress. Whether it is jeans, skirt, kurtis or salwar suits. These come in both ethnic and contemporary designs making them popular among both young girls and women.

How To Announce Your Marriage

The man has popped up the big question and the lady has accepted or vise versa and now excitement is killing you and you feel like shouting it all from the rooftop to let everyone know. But as with most things pertaining to marriage and engagements there is a proper way to doing making public of your intentions.

If they are not already informed and because a person maybe too anxious to tell, this is the right time to share the good news with your families, my suggestion to you as a couple is that you share the good news individually, in order to please everyone then do the telling in a sequence. If it’s convenient for you then inform the families when they’re together. The individual method works best if you’re unsure of the reaction of the parents and the latter is advisable and suitable if the parents already know each other.

Your wedding announcement is your first official act, and also provides a conducive environment to establish a cordial, working relationship with your to be parent in-laws. After announcing your intentions, inform them about your preference and ask for their input. Once you’ve informed your families its standard practice that the parents meet. According to tradition, the bride parents invite the prospective groom’s parents or take them out for a meal.

Once your immediate families are informed, you may them inform your extended family members and friends. This can be done in a number of ways. There’s the informal approach where you call people and inform them by phone, alternatively you can drop them an email. For a formal approach, then you can send out engagement information via mail and or organize a party to mark the event. Also after informing your immediate parents, you may choose to write and submit formal engagement announcement to the newspapers and other dailies.

Newspapers usually have a guideline that governs wedding announcements. This can be found by locating the wedding and engagement page, submission rules are often printed there. You can as well call the newspaper and inquire about this information, most will be happy to provide it.

Announcing your wedding and engagement via newspaper can serve several purposes, i.e. it’s an effective way to inform your community about your about your marriage, you can also decide to make several copies of the announcement and mail out to people interested in attending the wedding. Many people also choose to save the announcement as a memorabilia for posterity. Be careful that you supply accurate information to the press before publication of the announcement. Review the names and spellings for accuracy.

Many newspapers may not be able to tell you the exact date that the announcement will go public but they may provide you with an estimate. When the announcement finally hits the pages which could take several weeks, purchase several copies of the paper and send out a copy to each parent with a personalized note. Wedding planning not just about etiquette and rules, it’s about feelings too.